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Kitchen Magic shows you how to Save Time and Money on Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen MagicKitchen Magic believes it is their job to give homeowners the best advice, free and without obligation, whether or not they actually choose Kitchen Magic to remodel their kitchen.

Educating homeowners on the benefits of refacing and considering all of their options is something Kitchen Magic takes seriously, because Kitchen Magic understands that remodeling a kitchen is a big decision, often one a homeowner will only make once. Kitchen Magic has been sharing their secret of a fast, affordable, permanent, and complete transformation for tired old kitchens for over 33 years.


Kitchen Magic specializes in kitchen cabinet refacing, but Kitchen Magic also builds and installs all-new kitchens as well. Their goal is simply to inform homeowners on the approach that will bring them the best value for their dollar.


Kitchen Magic likes to provide its clients with options. Before talking to Kitchen Magic, many homeowners thought that tearing down their tired cabinetry and replacing it with something completely new was the only option. However, as Kitchen Magic will tell you, refacing existing cabinetry just may be the most practical and affordable solution for those who wish to achieve a beautiful transformation on a budget.


Kitchen Magic would advise you to walk into your kitchen and look around. It is evident that 80% of what you see is cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Refacing existing cabinetry by covering exposed surfaces and replacing all doors and drawer fronts can save you up to 50% the cost of replacement cabinetry. Kitchen Magic will tell you that refacing minimizes downtime and inconvenience too, since most cabinet refacing projects are completed in three to five days.


Kitchen Magic allows homeowners to choose from hundreds of color and style options with refacing; solids and wood grains, wood or laminate, and matte or glazed finishes are available to Kitchen Magic clients. An added plus is that Kitchen Magic’s refacing is also environmentally responsible. Because it involves using existing cabinetry, the refacing process uses 75% less waste than replacing the cabinets.


Quality refacing costs you less in the long run, since existing wood vintage cabinets are sturdier than cheap stock cabinets on the market today and are the perfect candidate for a Kitchen Magic refacing. Often, inexpensive cabinet replacements begin to fall apart within just a few years, resulting in service complaints and, ultimately, more time and money.


Kitchen Magic consumers are sometimes concerned that refacing is only a temporary solution. Kitchen Magic puts those concerns to rest. The Kitchen Magic exclusive double-lamination refacing process ensures a permanent bond, and the craftsmanship and quality of materials guarantee your permanent satisfaction. Kitchen Magic is a family-owned and -operated company that backs their products with a Worry-Free Lifetime Warranty.


For more information on Kitchen Magic refacing and kitchen or bath solutions, visit or call 800-237-0799.
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